Hél útja / the Way of Hel

by Weixelbaum Laura

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sumerian, medieval, nordic- hungarian


released August 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Laura Weixelbaum Vác, Hungary

Her first own solo concert was in 2002, when she was 14, titled Shaman times. She started singing hungarian folk songs in 2002, than she learnt classical technique2004. Than she forget everything and started her own way in 2013. And from this time she have several concerts and performances. ... more

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Track Name: Ima az Éjszaka Isteneihez / Prayer for the Gods of the Night
1 The princes are closely guarded,
2 The bolts are lowered, rings set in place.
3 The noisy people are fallen silent,
4 Gates (once) opened are locked.
5 The gods of the land, goddesses of the land,
6 Šamaš, Sîn, Adad and Ištar
7 Have gone off into the "lap of heaven".
8 They will give no judgment, they will decide no cases.
9 Veiled is the night.
10 The palace, its chapel, (and) sanctuary are dark.
11 The wayfarer calls out to the god, the petitioner keeps on sleeping.
12 The judge of justice, father of the destitute,
13 Šamaš, has gone into his sanctuary.
14 (May) the great gods of the night,
15 brilliant Girra,
16 warrior Erra,
17 the "Bow", the "Yoke",
18 Orion, the "Dragon",
19 the "Wagon", the "She-Goat",
20 the "Bison", the "Horned Serpent",
21 stand by!
22 In the extispicy which I am performing,
23 In the lamb which I am offering,
24 place for me the truth!
Track Name: Laura Weixelbaum - Anzu eposz / Epic of Anzu
61 (ii 09) “So that it constantly flashes against him the gathered whirlwind!
62 (ii 10) String your bow, let your arrow be coated with poison!
63 (–––) “May your roaring curse heap gloom upon him,
64 (–––) so that he wanders in darkness, (and) his vision blurs and dwindles away!
65 (–––) so that he does not escape you in close combat, (and) his strong arm falls!
66 (ii 11-12) “May your face turn demonic; give out fog, so that he cannot recognise your features,
67 (ii 15-16) so that the sun does not light up for him above, (and) daylight becomes darkness for him!
68 (ii 17) Make it consume his vital power! Vanquish Anzûm,
69 (ii 18) so that the winds bring us the feathers as good tidings!
70 (II 19) So that right over the top of the Ekur, towards your father,
71 (–––) the winds bring us the feathers as good tidings!”
72 (ii 28) The hero heeded the words of his mother.
73 (ii 29) The warlike one eager for battle filled with pride and mounted the chariot heading for the mountain,
74 (ii 30) the one harnessed with seven combats,
75 (ii 32) raising up the dust of seven whirlwinds,
76 (ii 31) the chariot harnessed with seven destructive winds.
77 (ii 33) He mustered the fight, fierce was his combat.
78 (ii 34) During his battle, the gods of the mountain range fell silent at his side.
79 (ii 35) [Then] the god appeared on Anzûm’s mountain.
80 (ii 36) He hastened towards him and Anzûm quaked against him.
81 (ii 37) He gnashed (his teeth) like a lion-demon, his radiance engulfed the mountains.
Track Name: Samas Ima / Prayer for Samas
O Šamaš, humankind kneels at your rising,
((this line contains a large lacuna, and is not read))
Illuminator of darkness, opener of heaven's bosom,
hastener of the beard(?) of the day, the grain field, life of the land,
Your splendour envelops distant mountains,
your glare has filled all the lands,
Leaning over the mountains, you inspect the earth,
you suspend the circle of the lands from the midst of heaven,
You make the people of all lands your charge,
all those king Ea, the prince, has created are entrusted to you,
You shepherd all living creatures together,
you are their herdsman, above and below,
You regularly cross the heavens,
ever day you traverse the broad earth,
High seas, mountains, earth and sky,
you traverse them regularly, every day, like a ...,
In the lower regions you take charge of the netherworld gods, the demons, the Anunnaki-gods,
in the upper regions you administer all the inhabited world,
Shepherd of the lower regions, herdsman of the upper regions,
you, Šamaš, are the regulator of light for all,
You cross time and again the vast expanse of the seas,
[whose] depths not even the Igigi-gods know,
[O Šamaš], your radiance has gone down to the deep,
[the hairy hero-m]en of the ocean can see your light.
[O Šamaš], you tighten like a noose, you shroud like a mist,
your [bro]ad protection is cast over the lands,
You are not dejected each day, your surface(?) is not dark,
by night you constantly burn up [the da]rk,
To far-off regions unknown and for uncoun[ted] leagues,
you have persevered, O Šamaš, where you went by day you also returned by night,
Among all the Igigi-gods there is none but you who does such toil,
nor among the sum total of the gods one who does so much as you,
At your rising (this morning?) the gods of the land assembled,
your fierce glare covered the land,
Of all the lands of different tongues,
you know their intentions, you see their footprints,
All humankind kneels before you,
[O Ša]maš, the universe longs for your light.
Track Name: Abraham a Santa Clara - Omnes Morimur
Gickes gackes bloder Zung,
Rede dannoch einmahl bescheyd
Sag sterben müssen ald vnd jung,
Sterben müssen alle Leuth.
Omnes quot quot orimur,
Sag/ omnes quoque Morimur,
Es sey gleich morgen oder heut
Sterben müssen alle Leuth.
chorus; Omnes Morimur
Track Name: Völva jövendölése / Völva's fortell
Track Name: Havamal
I trow I hung on that windy Tree
nine whole days and nights,
stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,
myself to mine own self given,
high on that Tree of which none hath heard
from what roots it rises to heaven.
None refreshed me ever with food or drink,
I peered right down in the deep;
crying aloud I lifted the Runes
then back I fell from thence.

Nine mighty songs I learned from the great
son of Bale-thorn, Bestla's sire;
I drank a measure of the wondrous Mead,
with the Soulstirrer's drops I was showered.

Ere long I bare fruit, and throve full well,
I grew and waxed in wisdom;
word following word, I found me words,
deed following deed, I wrought deeds.

Hidden Runes shalt thou seek and interpreted signs,
many symbols of might and power,
by the great Singer painted, by the high Powers fashioned,
graved by the Utterer of gods.

For gods graved Odin, for elves graved Daïn,
Dvalin the Dallier for dwarfs,
All-wise for Jötuns, and I, of myself,
graved some for the sons of men.

Dost know how to write, dost know how to read,
dost know how to paint, dost know how to prove,
dost know how to ask, dost know how to offer,
dost know how to send, dost know how to spend?

Better ask for too little than offer too much,
like the gift should be the boon;
better not to send than to overspend.
Thus Odin graved ere the world began;
Then he rose from the deep, and came again.
Track Name: Ishtar in the Underworld feat. Sándor Szabó
"If you do not open the gate, that I may enter,
I will break down the door, I will smash the bolt,
I will break down the frame, I will topple the doors.
I will break the ..., I will te[ar off the kn]ob.
"I will raise up the dead so that they devour the living,
and the dead will outnumber the living."
The gatekeeper made ready to speak,
saying to Ištar the great:
Stay, my lady, do not knock it down (?),
let me go and repeat what you said to Queen Ereškigal.
The gatekeeper went in and said [to Ereškigal]:
"Here is your sister Ištar at [your gate],
she who holds the great play-ropes, who roils up the deep before Ea the king".
When Ereškigal heard this,
her face went pale as a freshly cut tamarisk,
her lips went dark as the rim of a vat.
"Why did she set her heart on me? Why would her mood lighten mine?
Here now, shall I drink water with the Anunnaki-gods,
Shall I eat a loaf of clay for bread, shall I drink dirty water for beer?
"Shall I weep for the young men who have left (their) helpmeets?
Shall I weep for the young women who are wrenched from their lovers' loins?
Shall I weep for the helpless infant who was taken before his time?